what is onboarding? how caN drive USER growth?


Some people still think that  onboarding is about adding 5 "intro cards" in the app. Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

Onboarding is the art of removing friction and increasing motivation.

26% of apps are opened once, 13% are opened twice and only 2% are opened ten times.

It is hard enough to get people to download your app, once they open it, you really want them to stay. And, there is only one way to do it: show them the value. What your product can do for them. The first few minutes of use are crucial, and the experience must be delightful. After the user is engaged, if something is out of place he may forgive, but not the first time.

It is somehow similar to relationships. How important is the first date? And, the second one? Third? What about the 40th one? By the way, which one do you remember? 

Onboarding is easy to overlook.  Onboarding techniques, when well implemented accelerate growth. Early satisfaction and customised experiences help the user to find value in our product . When the user find the value, the company find a customer.


There are no second impressions in life or software. Onboarding is your first date with your user.
— Me


Personas are based on data from Google Analytics and interviews with users.


What the user does, thinks and feels along the user journey. Realized in Illustrator.


Usability testing and task analysis conducted with usertesting.com.