I am a User Experience designer and I am the Design Team Leader at SafetyCulture. I have spent the past 3 years working for B2B start-ups in many different roles: web developer, visual designer, product designer, UX designer, information architect, interaction designer and design team leader. 

I have crafted experiences for iOS and Android apps, webapps, websites, support sites, Google Glass and Android Wear.

user experience as key for growth

In software and life the first impression matters. I enjoy designing the on boarding across the overall user journey to make users fall in love, at first sight ... and eventually they become customers :)

collaborative design workshops

There is nothing powerful as a collaborative design exercise cross-department to kick off a new project. I  facilitate design workshops with designers, developers, support and marketing people.  

qualitative and quantitative ANALYSIS

Build, measure and learn. If you don't measure you are not going to learn that much.  I make sure that user research analysis and metrics are used from the design team to make informed decisions and to measure success.